Some of our previous work...

Public meeting with cpd SUPERINTENDENT, 1/17/17


Youth for Black Lives scheduled a monthly meeting with Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson at Experimental Station in an effort to establish police accountability around brutality.


Chicago WOMEN'S march, 1/21/17


Youth for Black Lives collectively spoke about the criminilization of black girls in schools, the criminal justice system, and greater society. They also lead the crowd with Assata's Chant and in song with "We Shall Overcome." 


Meeting with officials from cpd and Marist, 11/11/16


The leaders of Youth for Black Lives and the Black Student Union of Walter Payton College Prep met with Superintendent Eddie Johnson, the Chief of Patrol, the Alderman of Mt. Greenwood, and the principle of Marist High School to discuss productive changes in the city and in Mt. Greenwood for the betterment of the Black community.


March Against Police Brutality after death of Paul O'Neal, 8/07/16


Chicago people of all ages and backgrounds gathered in Millennium Park, in Chicago, for a march in response to the recorded acts of police brutality that resulted in the deaths of Paul O’Neal and others. This march provided an outlet for youth to express their frustrations in a productive manner while bringing attention to a city-wide incident.


Chicago Youth Sit-In and March Against Police Brutality, 7/11/16


This action inspired the beginning of Youth for Black Lives. A youth action march organized by 4 teenage girls unified almost 2,000 people in the city. The protest aimed to break the divide between communities and bring youth from all areas of Chicago in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.